Jon Munn, Faversham Salvation Army - At The Heart, Faversham Guildhall

Discover Faversham Postcard Campaign

With thousands of people moving to Faversham, it’s more important than ever to make sure they are aware of and encouraged to support local businesses and attractions.  We’ve been working with a group of local organisations on a postcard campaign to promote Faversham. This comprises a pack of attractive postcards (one for each participating business) to be distributed to 1,000 new build properties along with a wider distribution to local accommodation providers and estate agents in particular.

Hopefully by working collaboratively and splitting the cost, this could be an affordable option for many local businesses to reach new residents and visitors.


  • To raise the profile of visitor-related businesses and attractions in Faversham among residents moving into new housing developments
  • To be given out by local estate agents to house hunters and people moving to the area
  • Can also be placed in B&Bs and hotel rooms for visitors
  • Surplus postcards can be printed for sole use of participating businesses
  • Attractive postcards, each featuring a participating business themed as ‘Discover Faversham’
  • Packs of postcards delivered in colourful, branded envelopes will be hand delivered to each new build property, local estate agents and Faversham accommodation
  • There are 1,000 new properties in Faversham, with more being developed
  • We need at least eight businesses to participate for economies of scale


  • Businesses to confirm their participation by 2nd July
  • Postcards and envelope designed by 16th July
  • Printing completed by 23rd July
  • Distribution to take place 24th July onwards as school holidays commence


  • 2,000 postcards printed, included in branded envelopes and delivered as above – £250 per business
  • To print an additional 1,000 postcards for sole use by business – £50

If you’re interested in being part of this and are a business of interest to visitors and shoppers – please email [email protected] by end of 2nd July 2021.

Fabulous photo by Jon Munn for Capture Faversham.

Papa Bianco is taking part in Faversham Fiver Fest.


About Standard Quay

With its medieval warehouses and attractive businesses – Standard Quay is becoming a very popular place for people to eat, drink and shop in Faversham.

The quayside destination is just a short walk from the town’s historic Market Place down the gorgeous Abbey Street. It also boasts beautiful views across the Creek to Faversham Marshes.

Supporting Fiver Fest

Standard Quay is very keen to support the businesses located on its lovely site. It also wants to promote Faversham as a wonderful place to visit, live and shop. To this end, they have kindly lent their support to Fiver Fest Faversham.

The fabulous Fiver Fest offers you can pick up at Standard Quay include:

  • Papa Bianco’s buy one pizza and get a margarita for £5 Special deal
  • and What Now? at Baltic House’s five pound tickets to their comedy club (a tiny venue which is attracting some really big names!).

Standard Quay’s businesses

Standard Quay itself contains some very appealing businesses including a number of antiques and vintage businesses, selling everything from old Beano albums, to dining tables, to vintage tools and everything between.  Pierre & Dom has a fine selection of vintage pictures, paintings, photos and prints. Aladdin’s Cave, as its name implies, includes an eclectic collection including tea sets, vintage clothing, jewellery and more.

There are also a number of shops selling fresh produce including the Butcher of Brogdale, Herman’s Plaice Fishmongers and Salt & Spice, which as well as blending its own spice mixes, sells wonderful fresh fruit and veg.

If you need a break and fancy some breakfast, lunch or tea – then the Secret Garden Café at Standard Quay is a lovely spot to enjoy freshly prepared, locally sourced food.  If the weather is being kind, there’s a peaceful outdoor garden where you can enjoy your meal.  The café is dog-friendly too – ideal if you’re also enjoying a walk along the Creek.

Papa Bianco’s delicious, freshly prepared pizzas are an extremely popular attraction at Standard Quay where you can sit and watch the sun set over the Creek while enjoying your meal.  Both What Now? and Papa Bianco offer a lovely spot for a drink or two on the Quay too.

Easy to visit

Parking at Standard Quay is free and many visitors use it as a base to explore Faversham, as the town centre is only a ten minute walk away.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can hire a Surrey Bike and explore the area by pedal-power!

For more information on Standard Quay visit

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 18.05.44


Fiver Fest is organised at a national level by Totally Locally, it’s a celebration our independent high streets and businesses which, during lockdown, have proven that more than ever, our local businesses play a pivotal role in the wellbeing of our communities. 

FIVER FEST is the chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to our town centres and to use local businesses. To say thank you to customers who supported them during lockdown and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants & the supermarkets. In fact, they beat them hands down in many ways, but most of all their contribution to our local economies. 

There are over 100 towns involved in this year’s Fiver Fest, but in Kent there are only two towns taking part and they are both in Swale (Totally Locally Sheerness and Fiver Fest Faversham). This gives us a chance to target the “staycation” and day visitors market that we all know will be very busy this year and promote via Visit Faversham, Visit Swale, Visit Kent and beyond what is going on during the fortnight, show your offers to the visitors market as well as locals and showcase what you have to offer throughout the remainder of 2021.

What can I do to promote my business?

  1. Firstly, check that we know about your offers. The latest list is here. If Something is wrong let us know and we will change it.
  2. Share your offers.  Put up posters in your windows, share them online.  Here is a link to the official graphics  Be sure to mention your company name as well as your offer.
  3. Tag.  Always tag @totallylocally @infaversham @fiverfestfaversham.  Totally Locally have already shared a number of Faversham businesses posts, they have large followings and can put your offer in front of a whole new audience.  This is especially good if you have an online element to your business.
  4. Hashtags.  People do actively search through hashtags so always add #FiverFestFaversham and #FiverFest as standard.  You may also want to think about adding #Faversham #VisitFaversham #HelpKentbuylocal plus any relevant to your business/offer
  5. Join our group.  We have set up a participants’ group on Facebook to share hints and tips of how to make the most of Fiver Fest.  Join it here (and remember to contribute!)
  6. The InFaversham volunteers are running a market stall again on Friday.  We are handing out literature and telling shoppers about Fiver Fest.  We had a fantastic response from this last time, there were some lovely comments about how much shoppers enjoyed the last event and how excited they were by this one. Make sure they have some info about your business to take away.  You can give us literature/discount cards or freebies such as pens/keyrings etc either on the market stall or drop it into Creek Creative.
  7. Goodie bags.  In addition to the market stall, we will be selling our Love Faversham Goodie Bags online throughout the remainder of the year.  All of the businesses that we have literature or goodies from will be included.  Think about what may make the owners of these bags want to investigate your business.  Postcards, keyrings, badges, facemasks, pens etc are all relatively inexpensive and are generally held onto much longer than a flier.  Maybe offer a special goodie bag discount?
  8. Donate a raffle prize.  We are running a raffle to win a hamper of goodies from Faversham Businesses in aid of The Faversham Umbrella.  Each business will get extra publicity and it is always lovely to be associated with supporting local charities.
  9. Share other businesses offerings.  Have you taken up a Fiver Fest deal? If so, take a picture and share it (remembering to tag the business you bought from).  The more you share other people’s deals the more interest in the event and your business. Plus, it generally shares a little love around the town.

What are you doing to promote my business

Fiver Fest Faversham is run in a different way to most of the other towns taking part.  Other towns organise Fiver Fest either directly from the participating businesses or the have organisations such as Traders Groups, Business Investment District or council run Shop Local initiatives giving them access to money and resources.  

Fiver Fest Faversham is organised by InFaversham who are a team of volunteers that mostly own noncustomer facing businesses and have no direct benefit from taking part.  Why do we do it?  We do it because we believe in the shop local message and we believe it has an impact on the local economy which is a benefit to everyone.  Plus, we love all things Faversham.  

We have been very lucky this time in that we have been able to get support from Faversham Town Council and have sponsorship from businesses who also believe this is a worthy event and love Faversham.  Thanks to William Property Management, Brogdale Farm, Standard Quay and Faversham Flooring we have been able to provide more benefits to the businesses taking part in the event this time around.

Here is a list of what we have provided so far:

  • Town maps.  We have produced a town map featuring businesses taking part.  The maps have been handed out physically and digitally around town.
  • Market Stall.  This year we have taken on two Friday market stalls to engage with shoppers and spread the Fiver Fest message We also had out literature from participating businesses.
  • Public Relations.  We have already had Fiver Fest Faversham featured in a number of publications including Kent Messenger, Community Ad magazine, Visit Kent and Swale.  Radio Kent and BBC South East are talking to us about features also.
  • Posters and social graphics.  We have printed posters for businesses to use and provided digital versions for online use.
  • Social media shout outs and shares.  We are sharing on everyone who has mentioned the event to our two Facebook pages and Instagram accounts (plus local groups when relevant). We also are using stories to maximise their reach.  Many local Faversham businesses are already being featured on the Totally Locally network of followers and are being shared by followers.
  • Bimble.  We have added a Fiver Fest Faversham Guide to Bimble.  We have added all of the participating businesses into there.  If you don’t know what Bimble is, it’s best described as a cross between TripAdvisor & Pinterest. We think it’s more like Spotify – for your favourite places: a way to hold onto them, share them, support them, hear from them and discover new ones shared by the community.  The Bimble team are promoting the Faversham Guide via their own social media channels or download the app.
  • Facebook group.  We run a participants’ FB group offering help and advice throughout the fiver fest fortnight
  • Raising a bit for charity.  In addition to all of this, we are running a raffle to win a hamper of Faversham goodies, giving businesses donating prizes another chance to get there name out there and raising some money for Faversham Umbrella.

We hope you are really enjoying being part of Fiver Fest Faversham and would love to hear your views.  If you have any questions or thoughts please email us at [email protected]

Mark 4

Meet the Sponsors – William Property Management

When you think of independent businesses on your local high street, you could probably be forgiven for not thinking of letting or estate agents straight away. However, certainly here in Faversham, there is one agent that is very much part of the community. 

Without William Property Management stepping in to sponsor the first Fiver Fest Faversham last year, we wouldn’t have got this initiative off the ground. For the second Fiver Fest fortnight, whilst we managed to gain the support of Faversham Town Council and additional sponsors, we are delighted to welcome William Property Management back as our main sponsor again.

To find out why they are so behind the Fiver Fest iniative, Fiver Fest Faversham organiser Liz Jeffery sat down with Mark Greenwood who is the Managing Director of William Property Management.  

Mark, why did you decide to sponsor Fiver Fest Faversham for a second time? 

When I heard about the Fiver Fest initiative I thought it was a fantastic concept.  It’s a good idea generally, but after the effects of Covid and town centre access restrictions, businesses really did need support and they continue to do so, so sponsoring for a second time was a no brainer for me.

I really like the whole £5 message, it makes people think about how their spending directly impacts the local economy and the whole event really does create a community spirit and a real buzz around the town.

Have been involved in supporting the local community in other ways too?

Yes!  Apart from trying to shop local where possible and attend as many events as I can (when they are able to run)  I was also a founder member of the Faversham Traders Association.

Do you have a £5 offer to run during Fiver Fest?

We’ve created our own £5 offer, giving new landlords their first month’s property management fees for £5 if they sign up during the Fiver Fest fortnight.

About William Property Management

William Property Management was established in 2009, after noticing the need for a good letting service that was approachable and transparent.  They are now recognised as the leading letting agent in Faversham due to their outstanding customer service.  They have been awarded GOLD by the prestigious British Property Awards for three years running, judged the Best Letting Agent in Faversham.

To find out more about William Property Management’s commitment to outstanding customer service and to find out how they can help you, please visit



Located on the outskirts of Faversham, Brogdale Farm is a hidden gem – well known amongst visitors around the country and horticulturists nationwide – but often relatively undiscovered by Faversham locals.  Hopefully all that is about to change with Brogdale Farm’s support of Fiver Fest Faversham.  With seven businesses at Brogdale running some amazing special offers – we’re sure their involvement will encourage plenty of shoppers and visitors to check out Brogdale Farm and see what it has to offer.

Home to the National Fruit Collection

Brogdale is set in a gorgeous location with hundreds of acres of orchards which are home to the National Fruit Collection – the largest collection of temperate fruits in the world – right here on Faversham’s doorstep! They have examples of every type of apple, pear, cherry, quince, medlar and Brogdale Collections is the charity based at Brogdale Farm created to enable the public to access these orchards and the Collections.  The site is home to some amazing events as well as tours of the orchards and there are also great educational facilities for children such as a Wildlife, Weather and Music Gardens and a playground too.

Did you know there’s also a cracking little miniature railway which pootles round Brogdale’s orchards and is a massive favourite amongst children of all ages!  We can’t wait for it to open again once the pandemic is over.

Great independent businesses

The Market Place at Brogdale Farm is a lovely large courtyard bathed all day in sunlight and a lovely spot to enjoy a bite to eat or pop to one of the shops.  The Courtyard is a family-run café serving delicious freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches and cream teas with plans to soon open in the evenings too. The Tiddly Pomme is the Market Place’s gorgeous shop selling a wide range of fruit-related products and gifts including local ciders, fruit juices, preserves and liqueurs.

Brogdale Farm is home to Country Practice which specialises in offering a delightful range of therapies and treatments for your emotional and physical well-being – including their very popular hot stone treatments and massages.  For even more pampering, Vicki Lord Hair has recently moved to Brogdale Farm and she offers a complete range of hair styling services.

Grow at Brogdale is known nationwide for growing and selling a terrific range of fruit trees and other plants – many grafted from the unique trees at the National Fruit Collections at Brogdale – making them very special indeed. They are currently open for appointments only.

Some terrific local food and drink producers are based at Brogdale including craft brewers Mad Cat Brewery and Kakawa who make the most delicious chocolate, caramel and fudge.

Fiver Fest Offers at Brogdale

A large group of businesses at Brogdale Farm are taking part in Fiver Fest Faversham which gives local residents the perfect excuse to come up and say hello to everybody.

Please find a summary of Brogdale Fiver Fest offers below:

  • wo Brogdale Apple or Pear Juices for £5; one Brogdale Cherry juice for £5; two chutneys or jams for £5.
  • £5.00 off any hair service.

A massive thank you to Brogdale Farm for embracing Faversham Fiver Fest this year and we hope they are well-supported by local shoppers and visitors.

Find Out More

For more information about Brogdale Farm and its businesses – take a look at their website

For more information on Fiver Fest Faversham and participating businesses’ offers – check out their website

Beers from Mad Cat Brewery
Market Place at Brogdale
Juices from Tiddly Pomme

Faversham Town Council – Supporting Fiver Fest Faversham

Faversham Town Council – Supporting Fiver Fest Faversham

Fiver Fest Faversham is getting ready to return 12th – 26th June this year. 

Despite this being only the second time Faversham has taken part in the Fiver Fest initiative, the first Faversham event which took place in October last year was a great success.  With over 70 local businesses taking part, Faversham’s Fiver Fest was one of the largest in the UK.

We believe that this year’s event will be even bigger and better than the first, and this is largely due to receiving much more support and sponsorship this time around.  Over the coming days we will be introducing you to our wonderful sponsors and telling you more about them and their businesses.

We are absolutely delighted that this year’s event is being supported by Faversham Town Council.  We feel especially grateful for their support as we have learnt from the event’s national organisers, Totally Locally, that it is rare for town councils to get involved or lend support until several events have successfully taken place. 

Faversham Town Council backing this event will enable us to effectively promote Fiver Fest Faversham to a much wider number of shoppers and visitors. It will also help support Faversham’s independent businesses after the effects of multiple lockdowns.If you run a business locally and would like part please click here for more information and to download your application form 

Faversham's amazing business women.

Celebrating Some of Faversham’s amazing business women.

Let’s Go Girls!

I think we can all agree that Faversham is full of wonderful, innovative, and creative independent businesses. Behind a lot of these are some brilliant female entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into a successful business. From bra fitting to handmade pizza, we have such a varied selection of services and products that we can all enjoy, right on our doorstep! 

Boho + Bloom

When it comes to planning and styling an event, Leah is your go-to girl! Her ever growing prop hire collection is an eclectic mix of boho, disco, wild and one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for weddings, hen do’s, birthdays, window displays and corporate events. Leah launched her own company last year, but in short space of time she’s been featured on Channel 4, The Independent, The Wedding People Podcast and Festival Brides! If you have an idea in mind, Leah can bring your vision to life in her own bespoke way!

The Bra Boss of Kent

Joanna has worked in the lingerie industry for over 10 years, working for well-known brands such as Gossard and Panache. Last year she decided to take the ‘plunge’ and renovate her summer house into a lingerie boutique right here in Faversham. She offers one to one bra fitting appointments in a peaceful, quiet, and private space. She specialises in Sports, Maternity + Nursing and Mastectomy bras, but also offers a good selection of everyday bras too. She stocks bras from A – KK cup and 28 – 44 back. She’s here to support the ladies in Kent, one bra fitting at a time!


Julie is the award-winning florist that teaches. She runs classes and shares hints and tips from the trade, which enables her students to gain the skills and confidence to create flower arrangements for their home, business or that special occasion. She’s runs some fantastic classes online via her social media and You Tube channel where you can enjoy classes such as ‘Flower Hour’ and how to create a beautiful floral wedding display all on your own – with Julie’s expert help of course!

Rosebud Bakes

Rosie is the owner of Rosebud Bakes and is here to fulfil all your sweet-toothed needs! From brownie and blondie tray bakes to bespoke birthday cakes, all her creations are delicious! Rosie started Rosebud Bakes in June 2019 after years of being harassed by her family to take the plunge and set up her own business. According to Rosie, she’s been baking since she could hold a wooden spoon! She loves creating beautiful, bespoke, and most importantly, delicious cakes for all occasions.

Sophie Jayne Yoga

Sophie has been practising yoga since she was 14 and fell in love with it from the very first class. Since 2016, she has gone on to teach yoga and meditation in Faversham and the surrounding areas and absolutely loves it. Whether you are a total beginner or advanced, Sophies classes are for all abilities and she offers different levels of difficulty for each pose, and there’s absolutely no judgement on how well you can stretch or downward dog! If you fancy a relaxed and friendly bit of “me time” this is the class for you!

Beauty @ Your Door

If you love being pampered but struggle to find the time to get to a salon, Hannah is here to help! Hannah is a Fully Qualified mobile beautician with nine years’ experience, who offers beauty and massage treatments in the comfort of your own home. From luxurious pedicures to eyelash tints, there are so many lovely treatments to choose from and are all at really great, affordable prices too. It’s so important to set aside some time “you time” for yourself and this is the perfect treat!

Workspace on the Farm

Workspace on the farm is a vibrant co-working community for creatives, freelancers and remote workers nestled within beautiful farmland in Hernhill. This fantastic space is run by the wonderful Jo, who has created a calm and inspiring place for people to work productively. It’s a great place to be able to meet other like-minded people, have a coffee and bounce ideas off each other. It’s also perfect if you have young children, as there is a nursery (FarmWorkPlay) adjacent, which means you can work knowing that they are being cared for and having a great time in a safe environment

Papa Bianco

There is a new pizza place in town! Down at Standard Quay, Papa Bianco offers fresh handmade pizza, homemade garlic bread, tiramisu and you can then wash that all down with a cocktail or two! Hannah set up during lockdown and hasn’t looked back! She’s already expanded her menu and has some amazing weekly specials too! You have a choice of dining in the fabulous restaurant or you can take away if you’d prefer to.

Wasted Kitchen/Mighty Fine Things

Katy is the brains behind Wasted Kitchen and Mighty Fine Things. She is passionate about big flavours, local produce and ensuring that no food goes to waste. Wasted Kitchen offers lovely homemade food such as bento salad boxes, freshly made soup and sausage rolls and these can be delivered straight to your door! All of these are made from scratch, have minimal packaging and are obviously full of lovely local ingredients. If you love a condiment, Mighty Fine Things specialises in sauces, vinegars, mustards and much more! You can also treat yourself to some delicious Coxy’s Liqueurs in some fantastic flavours such as Spiced Damson Shrub or Morello Cherry!

Hope Fitzgerald

Hope runs a website packed full of beautiful gifts, cards and handmade books. Including Hope’s original Cyanotypes of botanical specimens collected in Kent. Printed on card and fabrics in Prussian Blue, the signature colour of this process

Up until this year Hope also ran hugely popular Bookbinding Workshops, which will return as soon as social distancing rules allow.

'Christmas Gifts for him In Faversham

Christmas Gifts For Him In Faversham

If you are stuck for ideas of what to get the men in your life, we’ve put together a short list ideas all available in Faversham. Shop local this Christmas, you’ll be amazed at what you can find on your doorstep

  • Barley Mow Gifts and Interiors – Barley Mow is currently open for click and collect. The shop stocks a range of gifts for him, including dad gifts and gifts for men with hobbies.
  • Brogdale Collections – You may be surprised to learn that Brogdale offers a range of rural courses throughout the year including gardening, foraging and cider making – a perfect Christmas present idea for someone who loves anything to do with nature and the outdoors.  Details on their website 
  • Creekside Vinyl – A music lover’s dream. Currently open for click and collect, Creekside Vinyl has a wide selection of Vinyl across all genres, they also sell record vouchers if you aren’t sure what he likes. He’s not got a record player? Don’t worry they sell those too
  • Edible Culture – A must visit for gardening fans. Edible culture is currently open and can supply the men in your life with tools, gift boxes and gardening vouchers
  • Joe’s Bows – Set in the beautiful Edwardian gardens of Mount Ephraim, Joe’s Bows offers a range of experiences including falconry, archery, axe throwing and laser clay shooting. Find out more on their website 
  • Macknade Fine Foods – For the serious food lover Macknade is offering gift cards (from £5) and a range of food and drink Hampers which can be delivered or collected. Check out their website for more details
  • Mad Cat Brewery – Based at Brogdale Farm, Mad Cat brews a very popular range of all types of beers using local hops.  You can now buy direct from their website  Perfect for gifts for the beer lover in your life.
  • Tiddly Pomme at Brogdale Farm is a great spot to shop for men!  It has a terrific selection of beer, juices and ciders (they produce their own very popular Woolly Pig Cider using Brogdale apples on site) along with a wide selection of food and fruit related items and gifts.  For up-to-date information visit their Facebook
  • The Hobby Shop – For the man who can’t quite grow up! The Hobby Shop stocks everything from Model railways, Scalextric, model kits, jigsaws, board games and Lego. Visit their website for the full range.
  • Top Hat and Tales – A must for book lovers, books and vouchers available here, check out their website, you’ll find there is much more than books available here
Shop Faversham this Christmas

Shop Faversham this Christmas

It’s easier than you think to support local shops and businesses this Christmas.  Here are some great ideas for Christmas presents shopping in Faversham.

Despite another lockdown meaning many shops and businesses having to close their doors again, there are still many ways to continue to shop locally and support Faversham’s businesses. 

Many of us miss strolling down West Street, wrapped up in coats and scarves and popping into all the shops for our Christmas shopping.  And it’s such a shame that we won’t be able to enjoy the wonderful Faversham Christmas Markets again this year or the fabulous Lights Switch On.  However, now more than ever, it’s important to continue to shop local and keep Faversham’s thriving businesses up and running. Plus, with all the amazing and unique gifts on offer from Faversham businesses, who needs Amazon..? 

With a lot of local shops going online and starting up delivery services, it can be tricky to know where to start with your local Christmas shopping. Firstly, a quick shout out to the Facebook Page ‘Christmas Shopping in Faversham’, where local people and shops are posting info on how to buy their goods online. Worth a quick look! 

We’ve rounded up just a few of the brilliant item available.

Christmas Tree – Erriot Wood Christmas trees 

Description: Christmas trees

The most exciting part of Christmas – the tree! These Nordmann Firs, grown locally in Kent, are delivered right to your door. Drop them a message on Facebook for further details. (

Christmas Tree – Quality Christmas Trees

Based next to Lysted School, Quality Christmas Trees are also offering free delivery to the Faversham area.  Contact them via Facebook

Wreaths – Lotty’s Flowers

Lotty’s is offering a range of beautiful festive wreaths in an assortment of sizes and styles. They are offering both delivery and collection services – check out their website ( or Facebook page (

Gift ideas – plenty of choice on your doorstep

Here are just some of the fantastic offering of gifts in Faversham.

Records – Creekside Vinyl

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The perfect gift for any music lover – a record! Creekside vinyl has a brilliant range in stock with everything from Radiohead to Beethoven. On their Facebook page ( they post regular ‘virtual browsing’ updates to give you a taste of what they have in store (almost as good as flicking through the  stacks of albums yourself). But if you can’t find what you’re after just give them a call – they offer a call and collect service.

Books – Top Hat and Tales

Top Hat and Tales has a brilliant range of books of every description available online to order. Along with a wonderfully curated selection of gifts and accessories, customers can enjoy click and collect from the shop in West Street or they will deliver locally. Visit their website to order

Edible Culture – Potted House plants and all things horticultural!

Edible Culture, based on Canterbury Road in the grounds of Abbey School, are currently fully open and a great place for Christmas shopping.  They are stocking houseplants, pots, wildlife accessories and gift boxes (picture).  They also have a terrific range of Christmas trees decorations.

Chilli oils and rubs – ChilliChupShop

For any food lover who likes their spices check out ChilliChupShop’s Etsy page. They have a huge range of products all centred around the chilli all made here in the UK and would normally be selling at Faversham markets. 

Gift Cards and Hampers – Macknade

For the serious food lover Macknade are offering gift cards (from £5) and a range of food and drink Hampers which can be delivered or collected. Check out their website for more details

Bra Boss – Bras and fittings

Although Bra Boss has had to close for lockdown, you can still order online bralettes and briefs, plus a gift voucher would make a fab present. You can choose how much to put on the gift voucher which can cover the cost of a private fitting and maybe a new bra to go with it. Check the website for further details.

Notebooks – Bindfulness

Bindfulness has a delightful range of handmade notebooks which would make a beautiful gift. The cover and first page feature original Cyanotype prints of leaves and flowers. Check out the website ( to order online! 

Prints and cards – Sherbert and Spice

Faversham based designer Sherbert and Spice has a range of cool prints available to buy on etsy – a great present idea or stocking filler. Christmas cards are also available to buy.

Gifts and Cards – Barley Mow

Barley Mow offers a whole range of unusual gifts, cards and decorations all available for click and collect. Visit their facebook page for more.

Fawn and Thistle, unique gifts and cards

Local illustrator Kirsten McNee is based at Creek Creative and has fabulous range of cards, prints, homewares and gifts, all featuring her charming and quirky illustrations.

Full details on her website

Faversham prints

– Jess Illo

This is a great gift for anyone who loves all things Faversham. Local designer Jess Illo has this print, as well as similar prints for Whitstable and Canterbury, available on her Etsy shop. She also offers personalised prints – check it out here

– Drawn By Freya

Beautiful illustrations of local buildings and scenes by Faversham-based architecture graduate and illustrator. You can buy her Faversham Christmas cards and gift tags via her Etsy site.

You can also commission Freya for bespoke, beautiful illustrations of your home or workspace. Lovely idea for a Christmas gift!

Visit Etsy site here

Natural beauty, health and home products – Apotheca

Apotheca has a great range of natural beauty products, remedies, essential oils, candles, incense, and much more. You can also buy a gift voucher for the treatments they offer – everything from acupuncture to hot stone massages. Check out their website or Facebook for more info.

Country Practice at Brogdale Farm 

also sells beautifully packaged gift vouchers which can be redeemed against their range of relaxing health treatments for the body and soul.

Gift Vouchers for courses and events at Brogdale Collections

Brogdale is home to the largest collection of temperate fruit trees in the world and their orchards are stunning.  We’re so lucky to have them on our doorstep.  They run a schedule of rural courses throughout the year including gardening, foraging and cider making – a perfect Christmas present idea for someone who loves anything to do with nature and the outdoors.  Details on their website

Gloves – Top Hat and Tales in West Street 

Warm and snuggly lamb’s wool fingerless gloves perfect for the upcoming wintry weather. Find these and other similar bits and pieces on the Top Hat and Tails website.

Socks – Luvies Boutique

Luvies boutique are still trading on their Facebook page by posting products such as these cute bumblebee bamboo socks, so you can drop them a message to order online. 

Board games – The Hobby Shop

It isn’t Christmas without family board games and the Hobby Shop in Preston Street has a fantastic range.   Game of Thrones Monopoly, Sherlock Cluedo, Harry Potter Trivial Pursuits, Strictly Come Dancing the board game… plus all the classics. Everything is listed on their website which is super easy to use to order online!

For four-legged members of the family – Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials

Ollie Bongo’s has a great range of festive treats for your furry friends and will deliver locally – check out their Facebook page for further details. It is also worth noting that Ollie Bongos is open over lockdown, so feel free to pop in to check out what they have in stock and for other pet essentials.

Gifts for small people

There are plenty of childrens gifts available in Faversham

Sweets – Jilly Pop Sweet Shop

For stocking fillers and sweet treats Jilly Pop Sweet Shop based on East Street has gone online and has a variety of gifts on offer. Check out their website for more info

Lego Harry Potter Calendar – The Hobby shop 

The Hobby Shop has a great range of toys and games on its online shop, including Lego, Playmobile, and much more. This advent calendar is perfect for any Harry Potter fans and includes 24 wizard-related items waiting to be constructed.

Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Farm

The perfect present for little people – animal days and walks with micro pigs, donkeys, sheep, and alpacas. You can view the full range of available activities on their website.

Falconry Experiences – Joe’s Bows

Set in the beautiful Edwardian gardens of Mount Ephraim, Joe’s Bows offers falconry handling and bow and arrow experiences, as well as other outdoor activities. Find out more on their website 

Eat, drink and be merry

Takeaway bottles of wine – Vino

Vino on Court Street is open for collections, so get in contact if you’re after takeaway bottles of wine or bubbles! They also offer free delivery in Faversham. Check out their wine list on or their Facebook for contact details.

Craft beers from Mad Cat Brewery 

Based at Brogdale Farm, Mad Cat brews a very popular range of all types of beers using local hops.  You can now buy direct from their website  Perfect for gifts for the beer lover in your life, or just to stock up for Christmas!

Takeaway meals – The Yard

The Yard, in Jacob’s Yard off Preston Street, is offering hearty seasonal takeaway dishes for those evenings you just don’t fancy cooking. Menus change regularly so be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date. With dishes such as caramelised shallot, bacon & apple sausage rolls, roasted veg and cheddar tarts, and chorizo, lentil & parsnip stew. 

Takeaway Pizza – Papa Bianco

Currently on offer at Papa Bianco on Standard Quay from Monday to Wednesday is a starter, two pizzas and two deserts for £30 (or £40 with a bottle of wine…) perfect for a cosy night in. Make sure to call up to book your order as deliveries get booked up fast!

These are just a few suggestions of some of the fabulous Christmas gift ideas from Faversham businesses.   

Click and Collect – Allport Cars

If you would like to shop local but are isolating or unable to access businesses for collections.  Allport Cars are offering a “click and collect” service in the Faversham area. To make arrangements, contact AllPort cars via Facebook.

For more ideas check out:

The Facebook group or search Instagram using #shopfavershamonline.

Top Dog Walks in Faversham

Top 5 dog walks in Faversham and surrounding areas

We are very lucky to have some beautiful dog walks on our doorstep here in Faversham. Take a read below and discover some of the best places you can take your furry pal for a day out!

Harty Ferry

I’m going to start off with my favourite dog walk – Harty Ferry. It might be one of my favourites because I am very lucky enough to be a short 3 or 4 minute drive away, so for me it’s right on my doorstep and very easy! Secondly, and more importantly, it’s absolutely stunning and such a great place to take your dog! 

You can find Harty Ferry at the end of a winding country road, past the lovely Three Mariners pub in Oare, and past St. Peter’s Church and some beautiful houses along the way too. Once you get to the end of the road (you just keep going straight until there’s no more road) there’s plenty of free parking in quite a generous sized car park – but be warned this can get full up very quickly and you may have to park along the road at peak times. When you come out of the car park and face the waterfront (oh did I forget to mention it’s situated on a stunning nature reserve overlooking the Swale Estuary?!)  you have the choice of two different pathways, left and right. It’s a bit of an unwritten rule that dog walkers go left, and the birdwatchers tend to go right, so we tend to naturally take a left. Once you go past the first gate, the whole walk is great for off the lead walks. There’s a nice path for us humans to walk along, enabling you to take in the views of the surrounding nature reserve. Often, you will see cows, sheep, swans, all sorts of different birds, butterflies, frogs and if you’re very lucky, occasionally seals too!  

Our dog Molly loves to run alongside us down the verge, through the long grasses and more often than not, jumping into the little plunge pools of water to cool down. Please be aware that there are lots of opportunities for your dog to get their paws wet and probably muddy too, so it may be good to come prepared with a couple of towels in the car to dry them off at the end of the walk. If you’re keen for a long walk, the path takes you along part of the Saxon Shore Way, which is a coastal circular loop of about 10 miles. It’s a great opportunity to pack up a picnic and take in the scenery along the way. 

Harty Ferry is a really relaxing, interesting and tranquil walk. There’s plenty of space for everyone if it’s a slightly busier day, however, some days you may not see another person the whole time. If you do bump into people, it’s often they will have a dog too, and a great opportunity for the dogs to play and make new friends!


  • The scenery is next level stunning. I have been there during some beautiful sunsets on a summers’ evening, or first thing on a sunny, hazy morning and you feel like you could be abroad somewhere exotic with equally stunning views.
  • Plenty of free parking with no time restriction.
  • Safe for your dog, as there are no cars or busy roads during the walk. 
  • A fresh water well (named George Oare-Well so I’ve heard!) at the start/end of the walk, so you can fill up your water bottles and re-hydrate!

Things to be aware of:

  • The car park can fill up very quickly at peak times and the road leading up to the parking area can be very uneven with large potholes – make sure your car has good suspension! 
  • This walk is open to the elements! There is no shelter if it starts to rain and it can get quite cold and windy at times. When getting ready to go to Harty Ferry, I will always say that whatever the weather is like at home, it will be more extreme on the walk. For example, if it’s a tad chilly at home, it will be freezing at Harty Ferry! Wrap up warm and wear sturdy walking shoes.
  • Bring your own refreshments. Apart from a fresh water well, there isn’t anywhere to get tea or coffee if you are accustomed to a hot drink on your walk. Be prepared and bring a flask and some snacks if you’re going for a long walk!

“Loop de loop” starting at Upper Brents and finishing on Ham Road.

This walk was a lockdown discovery that we didn’t realise was also pretty much on our doorstep! We start the walk along Front Brents, just by the new creek bridge opposite the brewery. Walking along the Faversham creek, you will pass the fabulous Albion Taverna (cheeky margarita anyone?!)  as well as some cute little houses until you get to a little path which leads you through Brents Bank community garden and along Upper Brents. During April/May time, there are some stunning wild flowers which all come out to bloom and look absolutely beautiful, as well as a huge Willow tree which you see lots of children playing on. As you get to the end of the footpath, you can cross over just where Quayside Tyres are and it takes you round to some fields that lead you to a lovely walk along the creekside.

  • From here, you can walk in a huge “loop” along and around the creek. You can take your dog off the lead and there’s a HUGE space for them to run and play. At times there are livestock in the fields, so please be mindful and pop your pooch on a lead if need be. The scenery is so interesting as the path takes you past Standard Quay, the Oyster Bay House (which is a grade two listed building) and the shipyard, which are all on the opposite side of the creek.  Keep your eyes peeled for an abandoned pirate ship named ‘Revenge’ which has been left stranded in the creek for many years! 

Like with most walks, you may decide to reach a certain point and then turn back, however with this walk you are able to complete a full circle. The walk will lead you right around the creek and past a lovely pub called the Shipwright Arms. We discovered this pub during one of our many “lockdown walks” so unfortunately it was closed every time we ventured past, but it is on our list of ‘must visits’ to enjoy a drink in the pub garden and have a little rest.


  • A really interesting walk with lots of things to see and keep an eye out for (like abandoned pirate ships!)
  • Will wear your dog out if they are full of beans – there’s plenty of space for them to run, play and sniff!
  • There’s a couple of really lovely places to stop for a drink and a snack (The Albion, Shipwright Arms and Cafe by the Creek).
  • A few options where you can make the walk shorter if you wish to or have time constraints. 

Things to be aware of:

  • Again this walk can be open to the elements and get quite windy and cold, so wrap up warm.
  • At the start of the walk alongside the creek (opposite the Oyster Bay house) the path is very uneven and an open invitation for twisted ankles – watch your footing.
  • There can be livestock in the fields at times, so please be aware of this and keep your dog on a lead. 
  • Willpower is a must, if you pop in to The Albion at the start of the walk you might just decide to stay there and eat tacos instead!

Through Standard Quay, past the Iron Wharf boatyard and through Abbey Fields

The great thing about dog walking in Faversham is that within a few minutes from the centre of the town, you are immersed in the glorious countryside and this walk is just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle. We start this walk at the Standard Quay, which hosts some quirky little antique shops such as Aladdin’s Cave, cute cafes, fishmongers, butchers and a new mouth watering pizza restaurant called Papa Bianco’s. 

If you carry on walking past all these lovely places you will come to the Oyster Bay House (as previously mentioned in the last walk) and you can cut through the Iron Wharf shipyard. Hop over the water via a little bridge and you are then in the midst of fields, open space and lots of fresh air! The first section of this walk is parallel to the previous “loop de loop” walk, so you will also pass the abandoned pirate ship (but you will be much closer to it on this side!) 

You can continue on forwards (this will take you to the Saxon Shore Way) but if you would like a smaller route, you can turn right.  This will take you along next to a pretty river and over a bridge round to Abbey Fields. During spring this is such a beautiful walk when the fields are FULL of rapeseed oil plants and other wildflowers all in bloom. 

I would say about 80% of this walk can be off the lead or at least away from any cars and busy areas, however, the last part of the walk is along a road or back in pedestrian areas, so it’s best for the pups to be on the lead. Halfway down the Abbey Fields road, there is a little cut through, which will take you past Gordon Square and alongside the Queen Elizabeth Grammar school, past St Mary of Charity church near Abbey Street, and voila – you are pretty much back to the start of the walk near the Quayside! 

This lovely walk takes about an hour (give or take) so a great chance to stretch your legs and take in the beautiful surroundings closer to Faversham town centre. 


  • A quicker, shorter route closer to the centre of Faversham.
  • You pass some lovely local businesses in Standard Quay where you can get a cup of tea to take with you on the walk!
  • The area by the river is really pretty, and if your dog fancies a paddle, they can have a cool down swim.

Things to be aware of:

  • The last section of the walk is heading back towards Faversham, so you will be near roads and other pedestrians, so best to pop your dog on the lead for this part.

Victory Wood

Victory Wood is situated in between Faversham and Whitstable and has beautiful views over the Isle of Sheppey and the Thames Estuary. We have been here a few times and have discovered there are multiple routes you can take to explore with your dog, so every time you come you can do a different walk to keep things interesting. 

There is free ample parking and you are right next to the start of the walk, which is enclosed, so safe to let your dog off the lead if you wish to. The path you take is totally up to you. Some lead you through the beautiful woodlands, or if you prefer to stay in the open, there are plenty of routes that you can follow.


  • Free parking with plenty of spaces
  • Lots of different route options to choose from
  • Stunning scenery to enjoy

Things to be aware of:

  • You will need to drive here as it is not walking distance from Faversham. 
  • Can get very muddy when there has been wet weather (from experience!)
  • No shelter if it rains
  • Very few dog waste bins along the route – please remember to pick up and dispose in a bin.

Oare Gunpowder Works country park

Oare Gunpowder works is a beautiful little walk tucked away along The Western Link road and not far from Bysing Wood road. For a while we didn’t even know this walk existed until a friend mentioned it, and we have now been many times to wander and explore. 

This enchanting walk is filled with plenty of heritage which you can read about as you walk around, as well as a visitors centre which also houses a lot more information about the site if you wish to learn more. As the name of this walk suggests, this area was a very important area for the Gunpowder industry in Faversham in the late 17th century up until 1934. You can still see a lot of the remains of the buildings and mills dotted about – which is now home to lots of birds, insects and creatures who live in the wetlands and plants which now thrive in the woodlands. Occasionally, there are live walk and talk sessions that take place in the country park, where you can learn more about the species that live in the woodlands and wetlands and if you’re lucky, spot some of them too!

If like us you are naturally drawn to water, there are a couple of lakes and a wetland known as “the leats” which is a system of waterways that lead up to Lower Mill Pond. Here you can sometimes spot frogs, toads and newts. It is a great place to pack up a picnic and have a leisurely walk around discovering new and interesting parts of the woodland. 


  • A really interesting place to visit, with lots of heritage and wildlife. 
  • Free, generous parking area and toilets. 
  • Great to bring the children as there are loads of things to look out for and to keep them entertained along the way. 

Things to be aware of:

  • When the car park closes, they lock the gate so please ensure you leave by the requested time otherwise you may get locked in. 
  • Best to keep your dog on a lead here in case there are other people walking around on the pathways or if there are people fishing in the lakes. 
  • The visitor centre may be closed and the nature walks may currently be postponed due to the current pandemic, so please check beforehand if you are interested in these.