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Shore Way Marketing

Shore Way Marketing is run by Liz Jeffery who has been creating content and supporting locally for as long as she can remember. Shore Way predominantly focuses on estate agency marketing, alongside a select number of other clients that are community-based, such as Faversham Monopoly.

Liz is able to help with marketing, social media support and maintaining brand identity.

Email – at [email protected]

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/shorewaymarketing

Instagram – @shorewaymarketing



Faversham web design company Beamtwenty3 produce creative and visual websites for all. Having a web presence is crucial for promoting your business, artwork, services, skills or platform for your blog or news outlet. We work closely with our clients to achieve a creative website using WordPress that promotes their business or skills, that meets Google’s best

We offer a range of creative photography services including product photography for your online E-Commerce store, interior & exterior, lifestyle, portrait and more to bring an exciting visual feel to your website. We offer a full photography package, from taking the photographs to preparing and editing the images for your website or print designs.

Website: https://www.beamtwenty3.co.uk/
Phone No: 07914 596257
Email: [email protected]


Alloy Marketing

A collaboration of marketing and communications professionals, based in Faversham, Kent. Alloy offers a wide range of skills and experience including photography, website design, digital communications, public relations and graphic design. Our partners are dedicated to working in the community with local businesses to provide accessible and no-nonsense marketing support.

Website: https://alloy-marketing.com/
Email: [email protected]


Fast LLP

FAST llp’s on-site laboratory offers a full range of analysis to optimise the health of your trees/plants/vines such as soil, leaf and SAP. A range of foliar feeds is available to address deficiencies and support plant growth, including products targeting frost risk. Monitoring traps also available for all pests including SWD.

01795 533225

Crop Technology Centre, Brogdale Rd, Ospringe, Faversham ME13 8XZ