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Fiver Fest is organised at a national level by Totally Locally, it’s a celebration our independent high streets and businesses which, during lockdown, have proven that more than ever, our local businesses play a pivotal role in the wellbeing of our communities. 

FIVER FEST is the chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to our town centres and to use local businesses. To say thank you to customers who supported them during lockdown and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants & the supermarkets. In fact, they beat them hands down in many ways, but most of all their contribution to our local economies. 

There are over 100 towns involved in this year’s Fiver Fest, but in Kent there are only two towns taking part and they are both in Swale (Totally Locally Sheerness and Fiver Fest Faversham). This gives us a chance to target the “staycation” and day visitors market that we all know will be very busy this year and promote via Visit Faversham, Visit Swale, Visit Kent and beyond what is going on during the fortnight, show your offers to the visitors market as well as locals and showcase what you have to offer throughout the remainder of 2021.

What can I do to promote my business?

  1. Firstly, check that we know about your offers. The latest list is here. If Something is wrong let us know and we will change it.
  2. Share your offers.  Put up posters in your windows, share them online.  Here is a link to the official graphics  Be sure to mention your company name as well as your offer.
  3. Tag.  Always tag @totallylocally @infaversham @fiverfestfaversham.  Totally Locally have already shared a number of Faversham businesses posts, they have large followings and can put your offer in front of a whole new audience.  This is especially good if you have an online element to your business.
  4. Hashtags.  People do actively search through hashtags so always add #FiverFestFaversham and #FiverFest as standard.  You may also want to think about adding #Faversham #VisitFaversham #HelpKentbuylocal plus any relevant to your business/offer
  5. Join our group.  We have set up a participants’ group on Facebook to share hints and tips of how to make the most of Fiver Fest.  Join it here (and remember to contribute!)
  6. The InFaversham volunteers are running a market stall again on Friday.  We are handing out literature and telling shoppers about Fiver Fest.  We had a fantastic response from this last time, there were some lovely comments about how much shoppers enjoyed the last event and how excited they were by this one. Make sure they have some info about your business to take away.  You can give us literature/discount cards or freebies such as pens/keyrings etc either on the market stall or drop it into Creek Creative.
  7. Goodie bags.  In addition to the market stall, we will be selling our Love Faversham Goodie Bags online throughout the remainder of the year.  All of the businesses that we have literature or goodies from will be included.  Think about what may make the owners of these bags want to investigate your business.  Postcards, keyrings, badges, facemasks, pens etc are all relatively inexpensive and are generally held onto much longer than a flier.  Maybe offer a special goodie bag discount?
  8. Donate a raffle prize.  We are running a raffle to win a hamper of goodies from Faversham Businesses in aid of The Faversham Umbrella.  Each business will get extra publicity and it is always lovely to be associated with supporting local charities.
  9. Share other businesses offerings.  Have you taken up a Fiver Fest deal? If so, take a picture and share it (remembering to tag the business you bought from).  The more you share other people’s deals the more interest in the event and your business. Plus, it generally shares a little love around the town.

What are you doing to promote my business

Fiver Fest Faversham is run in a different way to most of the other towns taking part.  Other towns organise Fiver Fest either directly from the participating businesses or the have organisations such as Traders Groups, Business Investment District or council run Shop Local initiatives giving them access to money and resources.  

Fiver Fest Faversham is organised by InFaversham who are a team of volunteers that mostly own noncustomer facing businesses and have no direct benefit from taking part.  Why do we do it?  We do it because we believe in the shop local message and we believe it has an impact on the local economy which is a benefit to everyone.  Plus, we love all things Faversham.  

We have been very lucky this time in that we have been able to get support from Faversham Town Council and have sponsorship from businesses who also believe this is a worthy event and love Faversham.  Thanks to William Property Management, Brogdale Farm, Standard Quay and Faversham Flooring we have been able to provide more benefits to the businesses taking part in the event this time around.

Here is a list of what we have provided so far:

  • Town maps.  We have produced a town map featuring businesses taking part.  The maps have been handed out physically and digitally around town.
  • Market Stall.  This year we have taken on two Friday market stalls to engage with shoppers and spread the Fiver Fest message We also had out literature from participating businesses.
  • Public Relations.  We have already had Fiver Fest Faversham featured in a number of publications including Kent Messenger, Community Ad magazine, Visit Kent and Swale.  Radio Kent and BBC South East are talking to us about features also.
  • Posters and social graphics.  We have printed posters for businesses to use and provided digital versions for online use.
  • Social media shout outs and shares.  We are sharing on everyone who has mentioned the event to our two Facebook pages and Instagram accounts (plus local groups when relevant). We also are using stories to maximise their reach.  Many local Faversham businesses are already being featured on the Totally Locally network of followers and are being shared by followers.
  • Bimble.  We have added a Fiver Fest Faversham Guide to Bimble.  We have added all of the participating businesses into there.  If you don’t know what Bimble is, it’s best described as a cross between TripAdvisor & Pinterest. We think it’s more like Spotify – for your favourite places: a way to hold onto them, share them, support them, hear from them and discover new ones shared by the community.  The Bimble team are promoting the Faversham Guide via their own social media channels or download the app.
  • Facebook group.  We run a participants’ FB group offering help and advice throughout the fiver fest fortnight
  • Raising a bit for charity.  In addition to all of this, we are running a raffle to win a hamper of Faversham goodies, giving businesses donating prizes another chance to get there name out there and raising some money for Faversham Umbrella.

We hope you are really enjoying being part of Fiver Fest Faversham and would love to hear your views.  If you have any questions or thoughts please email us at [email protected]

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